Google actively exploited zero-day patches in the Chrome web browser

Google has released an update for Chrome to correct the actively exploited zero-day bug. It has to do with a confusion type glitch in the V8 Javascript engine rated High. Google indicates that the bug is being actively exploited.

At the moment, the US company provides few details about the vulnerability, this code CVE-2023-2033 Owns. The company does this in their own words So that the majority of Chrome users can install the update. The patch is in Google Chrome 112.0.5615.121, an update that will be available for the Linux, macOS, and Windows variants of the web browser.

The CVE database states that it is a He writes confusion Fixed a bug in Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. in one He writes confusionWeakness, the engine does not properly check the type of the object being loaded. This can ensure that attackers can execute malicious code in the browser where, for example, privacy-sensitive information can be read. Last year, Google also released some zero-day bug patches for Chrome. Some of these errors were also present in the browser’s JavaScript engine at the time.

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