God of War review for PC – buy, budget or demolish?

God of War review for PC - buy, budget or demolish?

Today Stephen joins JJ’s table. This is of course not for nothing. We are going to take a look at a game that many of you are surely familiar with. So are we, the editors. It’s about the god of war. crazy Reboot from 2018. The game has been re-released on PC. So JJ wants to know from computer expert Stephen the impact of the PC version. What is the added value and why? Should you go and buy this? Even if you have already played the original? Does the port bring more innovations? Or will you be okay with the PS4 version? This is the review for God of War on PC.

Play the game with 144Hz thick RTX video card

In God of War, you dive deep into Norse mythology. This differs from the Greek myths that prevailed in the previous parts. The game is largely set in old and cold Norway. To be precise in the kingdom of Midgard, the kingdom of man. In the game you play with Kratos, of course, but also with his young son Atreus. After the death of his wife and their mother, the duo must embark on a journey to fulfill her dying wish. Its ashes must be scattered on the highest peak in Nine worlds. Along the way, Kratos and Atreus naturally encounter many monsters from Norse mythology. After all, one without ordeal would result in a boring game…

God of War on PC: Buy, Budget, or Scrap?

Now the question is. Do you want to replay this great story if you already know the old one? Want to run this at 144Hz with your RTX 3080 video card? What is the advantage on PS5? What about frame rate? You’ll hear it all from Stephen in our God of War review for PC. With the bigger question of course: buy, budget fund or demolish?

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