Global Threat: Delta Variation imposes strict restrictions around the world

Beijing, China

The Delta variant The corona virus is raging in the world, forcing authorities to crack down on Saturday Health restrictions with prisons Locals in China, send troops to Australia to implement operations and extend it Emergency in Japan during the Olympics.

Two new areas in ChinaIncluding the city of 31 million people Among the worst corona virus outbreaks are recorded epidemics In recent months in the country, health officials announced Saturday.

Infections have been reported Fujian Province and Chongqing City, They are included in four provinces and Beijing where epidemics of delta variability have already been reported.

Lee: The delta variant spreads among those vaccinated, the report reveals

In a sign of concern in a country that has largely controlled the epidemic, hundreds of thousands of people have already been detained in Jiangsu province, while the capital Nanjing ordered the closure of tourist and cultural sites this Saturday, and 41,000 people were staying in Beijing’s Chongqing district on home orders.

Even worse, the tourist town of Zhangjiajie in Hunan province has shut down 1.5 million residents and closed all tourist spots on Friday, the official note said.

Japan, A week after the start of the Olympics, Extending its state of emergency in Tokyo until the end of August and extending it to four more departments.

What else: U.S. health regulators say the delta variant could be as contagious as the chicken pox

According to the AFP agency, the number of new daily cases worldwide has increased by 10% in the past week due to delta variability.

As the Asia-Pacific region is severely affected, daily cases in Vietnam and Japan increase by 61%, the West faces uprising, and the United States and Canada experience 57% more epidemics.

World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the delta variant could trigger more eruptions in high-risk areas from Morocco to Pakistan where vaccination rates are low.

The number of cases in Japan is low Compared to other countries, 3,300 new infections have been reported in Tokyo Friday, but experts say the medical system is at lower risk of drowning: only a quarter of the population received two doses.

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Organizers of Olympic Games 27 new cases related to the Friday incident have been reported, the highest daily number ever recorded.

In Australia, the Sydney Police will receive the assistance of 300 soldiers In accordance with the regulations in the largest city in the country (5 million people), the number of infections on Thursday broke a record.

M200,000 people protested this Saturday Health passport extension in more than a hundred French cities and compulsory vaccination for certain industries.

Was The third consecutive Saturday of protests in France Against these measures, 110,000 people across the country rallied after the first protests and 161,000 in the second.

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