Gigi Hadid rocked this glamorous summer on her birthday

Gigi Hadid rocked this glamorous summer on her birthday

If someone is always flawless Looks like Gigi Hadid. I demonstrated this again last weekend. The 27-year-old model celebrated her birthday on Saturday, and to celebrate this, she organized a party at the private Zero Bond Club in New York City. The outfit she wore was gorgeous and voluminous in the direction this chapter.


Gigi’s birthday

To celebrate her 27th birthday, Gigi Hadid gathered with many family and friends at the Zero Pond Club in New York City. They were spotted making their way through the city’s NoHo neighborhood in elegant party wear.

Gigi went by herself for a breathtaking white look. Out-of-party photos show Gigi smiling in a white lace corset top, sheer pants and a floor-length jacket, all by Australian brand Dion Lee.

She finished the outfit with elegant High-heeled shoes and multiple pieces of jewelry, including white crystal earrings, layered pearl necklaces, and a gold belly chain.

Gotham Images / GC

The beautiful corset top in particular caught our eye, just as it is hot Do this season.

corset direction

corset top It is one of the fashion trends that we will be seeing a lot this summer. Since the Spring-Summer 22 Fashion Weeks, it has become very clear that 2022 is the year we should go into the exciting and daring world of clothing. I’m thinking of bare bellymini skirt As well as a corset top.

Does the word “uncomfortable” come to mind when you think of a corset? Understandable, but this opinion is no longer justified in 2022. Where the corset was used to create an hourglass shape, today’s corset is designed not to be restrictive or to achieve the “perfect” body type. Instead, it serves as a top that makes you feel confident and powerful.

If Gigi wears such a gorgeous corset, we should get it too.

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Gigi Hadid is rocking this glamorous summer on her birthday and we’re obsessed with it

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