German Green Party asks members to vote on possible coalition deal | Abroad

German Green Party asks members to vote on possible coalition deal |  Abroad

If exploratory talks between election winners in Germany lead to coalition negotiations, Germany’s Green Party will allow its 120,000 members to vote on a possible coalition agreement.

That’s nearly 100 delegates from Alliance 90 / The Greens I decided on Saturday during the so-called “little party day” in Berlin. All but one of the states that abstained voted in favor of the party council motion. The Greens held their first exploratory talks with the liberal FDP on Tuesday night about cooperation in the new German government. They came in third and fourth place, respectively, in last Sunday’s Bundestag electionsCDU/CSU took second place but was the biggest loser.

The Liberals and the Greens will meet again this weekend. Separate bipartisan talks with the centre-left SPD and the conservative CDU/CSU will be on the agenda next week. Chancellor’s candidate Armin Laschet of the Federation of Recent Sister Parties has offered to conduct exploratory talks on forming a Jamaican coalition of CDU/CSU (black), greens and FDP (yellow), together the colors of the Jamaican flag. The liberals have not yet ruled out such an alliance.


The vote on a coalition agreement at the federal level will be the first in the history of the German Green Party. In their previous ruling coalitions with the centre-left SPD, in 1998 and 2002, only party deputies decided on a coalition agreement. At the state level, alleged members’ decisions on the coalition agreement were made earlier.

Federal Political Director Michael Kellner said the vote would take less than two weeks. This means that coalition negotiations must be completed by early December in order to form the new government before Christmas. As stated by SPD candidate, Olaf Schulz, after winning the election from his party.

Job division

If such a vote is held on the Federal Coalition Agreement, the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens Also vote on the division of labor within the government among the Greens. The decision is ultimately made by a small or large caucus. Kellner advised letting a small party convention decide whether it was a so-called traffic light alliance with SPD (red) and FDP (yellow), which the Greens favored.

The Green Party conference also approved the composition of the “small” and “broad” poll team proposed by the Executive Board. In the beginning, with people from the “inner circle” around the party and faction leaders, there are ten people. A team of 14 people will prepare and follow up on the conversations.

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