GeenStijl: #GS20 – 2009 – Rutger included in Buma/Stemra press meeting

GeenStijl: #GS20 - 2009 - Rutger included in Buma/Stemra press meeting

Exciting day in the Dutch blogosphere today. Bits of freedom first unwelcome and then again Good. Rutger fired. Chopping sounds on a file audio stream by Vincent Everts. man man man. Puma/Stemra organized a press briefing today for…yes why actually. Well, they were there for themselves. Copyright organization since 1872 somewhat discredited thanks to fair play schemes, hence a little bit of image management towards the citizen is desirable. Especially since everyone on the internet is shouting things like: These idiots gamble tens of millions (2005), (2008) on the stock exchange, and we, people of goodwill, can now pay for it !!! 1! “ Everyone now understands that artists are allowed to earn money. And we are willing to help pay so that these freelancers have money to buy Medicines (Gordon), Steaks (Dryers) and Negergigolos (Anouk). But also taxing YouTube videos embedded on hobby bloggers – and calling €130 for these six videos a “reasonable fee” – is completely absurd. You can bill Buma / Stemra with this Fair play calculator. By the way, don’t think those Bumaatjes spend all day on your blog looking for inline smugglers, they’ve got one Ruthless robot to. For a dry analysis of today’s turbulent developments, we refer you to Twickers. For a ten-minute video roundup of “The Camera Can Be Stopped,” go to Rutger Castricum at NoStyle.TV

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