Gary Lineker has lost credibility over his comments about Minister Shapps

Gary Lineker has lost credibility over his comments about Minister Shapps
Gary Lineker

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BBC presenter Gary Lineker is once again under fire for his social media posts. With his comments, Lineker is said to have breached the BBC’s rules of opinion.

Samir Shah, the proposed new chairman of the BBC’s supervisory board, told a parliamentary committee that it appeared the former footballer’s comments about…

Former football player and Today’s matchHe was Lineker’s presenter the pictures By Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, along with several names said to have been used by Shapps in the past. For example, Shapps is said to have breached the code of conduct for ministers and MPs by continuing to work as a marketer under the pseudonym Michael Green after joining Parliament.

Lineker’s post on X was another response to Shapps’ comments. In a press conference, the minister criticized prominent British figures who signed a letter calling for the controversial Rwanda plan to be scrapped. Speaking about Lineker, Shapps said: “I think Gary Lineker should continue to commentate on football and stop getting involved in other things.”

Samir Shah also told the committee that the broadcaster’s signature on the letter “did not help”. “I don’t think it was very helpful to Gary Lineker or the BBC, or the cause he supports, because it became a story about Gary Lineker and the BBC,” he said.

The BBC reported in September New laws About how top presenters express their opinions on social media. These agreements were necessary because Lineker had lost credibility due to criticism of Prime Minister Sunak’s asylum policy.

Lineker spoke on Twitter in March of a “harsh asylum policy targeting the most vulnerable people” who are spoken of in terms “not very different from the language of Germany in the 1930s.” After a storm of criticism, the BBC suspended the football broadcaster from work.

This in turn led to a surge in support for him: pundits and presenters refused to work as long as Lineker remained off screen. The BBC then admitted that its social media policy was vague and had “gray areas”. For example, Lineker has billed himself as a freelance journalist who also covers sports for the public broadcaster and is not a political correspondent.

“Guidelines were not read”

Under the new rules, prominent broadcasters are banned from attacking or supporting a political party during, two weeks before and after their show. They are also not allowed to criticize British politicians, speak publicly about controversial topics during election times, or play an official role within the campaign.

Lineker, that one Big gain He works at the BBC on a salary of around €1.57 million, and insists he followed the guidelines. He also criticized Conservative MP Jonathan Jollis, who accused the TV presenter of violating the BBC’s impartiality rules. Lineker wrote On X: “Jonathan didn’t read the new guidelines…or should I say, did anyone read them to him?”

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