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Gameplay footage has surfaced that some media say could be Horizon’s multiplayer game. The footage is said to date from 2020 and is from early alpha.

photos, among others through Reddit Scattered around, this version of the game seems to have a different graphic style compared to the Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West games. Some characters are shown as well as some locations and enemies. There is also a base camp where the player has access to all kinds of clothing and equipment.

Although Horizon: Forbidden West is mentioned in gameplay screenshots, it is not certain if these are also screenshots of an official multiplayer game in the Horizon universe. The game website claimed MP1ST end of 2022 Dutch developer Guerrilla Games is working on such a game. developer published last year Online job advertisements that referred to a multiplayer game and thus also emphasized the development of the game.

According to VGC, Guerrilla has been planning to expand the Horizon franchise with a multiplayer game for some time. At the end of November it was announced by Sony will speak With South Korean MMO publisher and developer NCSoft. The latter will work on the Horizon show. Since it’s NCSoft, in this case it could be an MMORPG set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe.

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