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Hazelight Studios, makers of the collaborative game It Takes Two, faced a trademark dispute from game publisher Take-Two around the time the game was released. Hazelight can’t comment much, but they have given up on the brand.

Which Eurogamer writes, who spoke to Hazlitt. The studio “cannot comment on outstanding issues” and “hopes the issue will be resolved soon.” In the USPTO It can be seen that the brand It Takes Two by Hazelight marked stands up frankly desertedSince March 30 of this year. Take-Two signed last year Protest against the brand. A copyright expert told Eurogamer that Hazelight is expected to settle the game’s copyrights and will no longer pursue the It Takes Two trademark.

According to Eurogamer research, Take-Two is not only targeting Hazelight. In the past year, the company has filed several lawsuits against brands and companies that use similar terms for Take-Two products and names. This concerns, for example, the Chinese brand Starrocks, clothing brand Max Fayne, and several smaller companies with “rockstar” in their names. Rockstar Games is one of the daughters of Take-Two.

According to Richard Hogg, a game industry lawyer and copyright expert who spoke to Eurogamer, Take-Two is “very aggressive” in this area compared to similar companies. “Take-Two has applied for renewals in 25 trademark cases in the past three months. Most other game companies take 6 or 7 years to reach that amount.”

Take-Two isn’t just about branding. The company regularly takes mods for Grand Theft Auto offline games DMCA requests And it has two creators for reverse engineering GTA . projects Take to court.

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Bekende games van Take-Two zijn Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Bioshock, Civilization, LA Noire, Mafia, XCOM, The Outer Worlds, Max Payne en Kerbal Space Program.

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