Funds have been set aside to create a lottery for vaccinators in Puerto Rico

Governor Point Pierlo Luis announced that the government would soon begin distributing 20 520.5 million From the American Redemption Plan Act (ARPA).

They will be appointed by the Governor, along with the Secretary of the Treasury Department, Francisco Pares Alicia and the Managing Director of the Financial Advisory Commission and the Finance Agency (AAFAF), Omar Murrero. .5 111.5 million For continuous epidemiological response efforts.

Allocated funds include 10 million for vaccine offers, which include lotteries and raffles as well as special prizes such as shelters and cars..

What else, $ 20 million It will be for the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s genetic monitoring program to monitor the COVID-19 virus and try to identify new strains. $ 1.5 million To create a digital vaccine passport It is already in operation, so that those who have been vaccinated can be easily identified and data privacy guaranteed.

On the other hand, 5 million to ASSMCA For the development of a mental health assistance program, we must begin to measure the impact of epidemics on the mental health of our people, with $ 50 million for private hospitals and CDTs to mitigate infection losses and $ 25 million for hospitals.

“The government of Puerto Rico is receiving $ 2.47 billion to mitigate the impact of the Covit-19 epidemic and to achieve the economic recovery we need. Today I announce the first phase of funding for the government of Puerto Rico directly. We will continue to work to deliver, “the governor said.

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