Frustrated President Zelensky is a target of Russian aggression, but he won’t budge | Ukraine war

Frustrated President Zelensky is a target of Russian aggression, but he won't budge |  Ukraine war

“I asked 27 European leaders if we could join NATO, but no one cares,” Zelensky, who was dressed in a military green uniform, told Ukrainians in an online speech. Who is ready to fight with us against Russia? I see no one. Who is ready to give us the guarantee of NATO membership? Everyone is afraid. “The president himself does not want to budge.

The US State Department says the Ukrainian president is a “primary target of Russian aggression”. Zelensky himself said that he was convinced of this before, but stressed that he would not leave the capital, Kiev, even now after Russia called the leader of the Ukrainian government “the number one target”. Last night, the President announced a general mobilization.

European Union leaders agreed last night on a new package of tough sanctions against Russia. They say it will have “serious and dangerous consequences” for the country. The leaders met at a summit scheduled in Brussels. Not all the details of the sanctions are known yet, but it is certain that Russia has not yet been excluded from the international payment system SWIFT. Zelensky asked frankly about it.

Yesterday, the president reiterated his desire to exclude Russia from the payments network and to impose an embargo on Russian oil and gas. Zelensky does not hide his disappointment with the position of EU leaders. He says his country was “left alone” to fight against Russia, which launched an invasion of Ukraine the day before. The Russians were going to reach Kiev by now.

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