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Developer From Software released an update for Elden Ring on Tuesday. After installing the version 1.06 update, players will be able to complete an important side quest in the game without having to use the player versus player mode.

It’s about the side order of the White Mask Varré character. Previously, players could complete his quest only by “sneaking” into the game world of three other players. The reward for completing the mission is early access to Mugoin Palace, an area intended for young players up to level 110. It is preferred by Elden Ring players because it provides an area where large amounts of money can be easily collected. runesMoney in the game Elden Ring. Moghwyn Palace can also be accessed in another way, but this option becomes available only in one of the last areas of the game.

For those who prefer not to use PvP mode or prefer playing offline, there is now another option to complete Varré’s mission, Publisher Bandai Namco writes. The player can choose to kill the NPC selected by Varré, rather than hunting three other players.

Another addition is sent to the Elden Ring call signs to multiple regionsas well as for polishing away from the player. In addition, hacker players can appear in larger areas.

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