Friend Louisa Lammers is not only the key to her heart, but also her home

Friend Louisa Lammers is not only the key to her heart, but also her home

Loiza met her generation in June, so according to the model, it’s still too early. She says, “Really special and so cute. I’m so happy (…) He’s so cute, really cute boy!”

Luisa tells in a private conversation that her love knew her story and immediately accepted her as she is. “At some point we talked about it,” she shares. “He immediately said: What does it matter. And then I already thought: Well, that’s very beautiful.”

Luisa admits that in the past she sometimes felt her femininity was taken away by sharing her story with someone she had feelings for. “There’s nothing that doesn’t make me feel feminine,” she says candidly, “but when it comes to a relationship…I wonder if there aren’t things that make me late.” She never had that feeling with my generation: “We didn’t feel that way from the first moment.”

In her documentary Videoland, the 26-year-old also talks about this fear. So the recordings were regularly confrontational and sharp for Luisa. Luisa says, “I’m just a woman – despite all the prejudices and what people say I’m not, I show a lot: I am. I admit there are times when I don’t feel that way, in certain situations, I find it very sexy.”

Buddy Gilly, who also plays a role in the documentary, thinks it’s “very nice” how vulnerable Luisa is. “He was like, ‘This is what you really are, the woman I loved,'” she says.

Obviously, things are going well between Luisa and Gilly. However, they are not thinking of living together at the moment. At first they want to do “their own thing”. Although the couple still live separately, Luisa has already given him the key to her house. “Then he can at least get in by himself and I don’t have to open the door for him anymore.”

Earlier, Aran spoke with Linda Hackebaum. After being diagnosed with cancer, the 36-year-old took viewers into her story. The documentary filmmaker recorded the operation “Linda’s Cancer Story”, for which she herself won the Televizier Star Award. in a Aran on tour Together they go to Anthony van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, where her radioactive tattoo was removed.

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