March 22, 2023

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French thieves disguised as women on the train: 170 wallets were found in an apartment |  Abroad

French thieves disguised as women on the train: 170 wallets were found in an apartment | Abroad

French police are searching for 100 first-class passengers who were robbed on a train in France. A gang of men disguised as women using wigs are responsible for the thefts.

Earlier this year, a woman reported that her bag, containing jewelry worth at least 50,000 euros, was stolen on the train. She was traveling primarily on a high-speed train and rode in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. CCTV footage showed three men working together during the theft.

Very fast

The perpetrators, aged between 40 and 50, traded mainly near Nice and Marseille. “They knew very well what they were doing and they were fast,” said David Bruger, the local police chief in Marseille. Watchman. “They even bought valid tickets for the train.” Train tickets show success on different routes: from Paris to Nice, from Paris to Marseille, and from Lyon to Geneva.

In addition, it can be noted that one of the thieves, with the help of wigs and dresses, always disguises himself as a woman. Then he sits next to the victim to distract them. The other two men can easily take wallets, bags and other valuables. If that was successful, they got off at the next stop.

170 victims

In an apartment in Marseille, where the loot was collected, the police found at least 150 suitcases, suitcases, 170 wallets, hundreds of sunglasses and expensive shoes. In total, another 137,000 euros were found in cash.

Police suspect there are at least 170 victims and are now looking for the rightful owners. Police suspect it is not an easy task, they may come from all over the world.

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