Frans Bauer: “If you think of stones in Holland, it is Amsterdam, the square and me” | stars

Frans Bauer: “If you think of stones in Holland, it is Amsterdam, the square and me” |  stars

The singer is very surprised at the mention of his name. And on Thursday evening, thousands of messages poured into his phone. “Everyone is talking about it. It’s so nice that Mick Jagger picked up the statement of that fan who was so disappointed with the cancellation of the previous Stones concert. It’s a great honor for such an icon to have your name mentioned, because there really is no artist bigger than Mick Jagger.”

This isn’t the first time the Rolling Stones boss has mentioned France’s name. “A few years ago, Jäger was at the Gelredome in Arnhem, where a large picture of me hung on the wall. Then he apparently asked: “Who is that man in the white suit?” When my name was called, he gave my number Do you have a moment for me sung. Now this is the second time he’s called my name on a show, which may be one of his last shows.”

Singer over the moon. “Who can say that? When Stones think of Holland, they think of Amsterdam, Arena and Frans Bauer. Now I belong to the class of windmills and tulips!”

big fan

France Bauer considers himself a huge fan of the Rolling Stones. “I love all the songs, I have a Stones wall clock and gloves. Actually I still can’t speak for it.”

The singer thinks of turning over Jagger’s cry for his fans. Of course I can also say during one of my shows: ‘I’m glad you’re all here and not with the stones! French jokes. Actually the number belongs I can’t get any satisfaction Also on my list at home! “

On Friday evening, Frans Bauer will be at Ballade in Terneuzen and will replace Mart Hoogkamer, who had to cancel the show due to illness. Frans hopes Mart will recover quickly. “It is not good that someone who loves to sing so much has to cancel. I hope it will be better soon.”

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