Frank doesn’t want to know anything about Coco’s contact arrangements: ‘Don’t trust Rogier’

in a Aran on tour, RTL Boulevard’s online video series, tells an agonizing Frank that he doesn’t trust Roger with the animal. Frank currently takes care of Coco and Roger takes care of Brownie, but the latter also wants to take care of Coco every now and then. So Roger went to court, who decided he could take the dog two days a week. But Frank doesn’t like it that way. “as we speak, Today, Roger Coco was supposed to pick up. “But I know Roger a little bit: he always makes agreements, but he never sticks to them.”

According to Frank, that’s just his personality: “Always something different and confusing in his head. And then I get a court order that he (the dog Coco Ed.) has to go with Roger two days a week.”

If it was up to Frank, he would put an end to it. “I think in this case it’s in the best interest of the dog,” he says. “There’s a fine if I don’t. Well, I’ll pay that fine.” He is willing to pay 100 euros a day, because, according to Frank, Rogier does not take good care of animals. He says, “If we hadn’t had fun together, I would have gone out, and then I would go home and he wouldn’t let the dogs out and the room was full of pee and pee. You can’t do that to a dog.”

Earlier, Aran spoke with Tim Dusma, who has repeatedly spoken out against Corona policy. The singer does not want to be vaccinated or auditioned, which also means that he no longer performs or appears on TV. Tim talks candidly about it in the video below:

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