Foxconn wants to buy its first EV plant in the US from Lordstown – Vision & Sound – News

Foxconn has in the past been cited as a potential builder of Apple’s first car, which the Taiwanese company has always denied.

Car manufacturers have previously designed cars to some extent, made parts themselves, bought parts themselves, and assembled cars with these parts, and it has been common for decades for some models to be outsourced to specialized companies with their own factories.

This is also common for electronic and specific phones. Foxconn, for example, assembles many Apple phones. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for the assembly company to take on other tasks, such as the design process (parts) from the phone manufacturer. As a result, the scope of work of assembly companies is increasing; In fact, the term assembly plant no longer obscures it.

I expect Foxconn to do the same in car assembly: take on many more tasks in the supply chain. We will not soon see Apple cars from the Foxconn factory, but cars with a brand name should be determined and with a lot of Apple hardware and design influences from the Foxconn factory.

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