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In the inspection department Eurasian Economic Commission There are four variants of GTX 1630 video cards coming from Gigabyte found. This modest video card is said to be the successor to the GTX 1050 Ti, although it’s still more powerful in certain respects.

Gigabytes seem to be a number of different combinations of features In store Regarding the GTX 1630. There is talk of a “normal” D6 variant and an OC variant, with overclocking. Videocardz . speculate The OC variant may require more power than can be supplied via the PCI-Express bus alone and therefore requires additional power connectors.

In addition to the optional OC variation, there is a GL and GD designation. The letter L stands for the low profile and includes a single-slot video card. D means it is a dual slot video card. Tom Hardware writes Furthermore, the nouns “indicate that all of these models will have two propellers,” but they don’t explain exactly what the nouns indicate.

in Previous Posts of Videocardz He mentioned that the card should be a successor to the GTX 1050 Ti. Although its memory is of the slower GDDR5 type, the GDDR6 in the GTX 1630 has a narrower memory bus at its disposal. With a maximum bandwidth of 96GB/s, it is slower than 112GB/s for the 1050 Ti. came by More comprehensive specifications From GTX 1630 as rumors.

Perhaps a comparison with the 1050 Ti is not the right comparison. These Gigabyte code names indicate that there will also be single-slot variants of the GTX 1630 and no such variant for the 1050 Ti, on Some exceptions are not yet deliverable† There is also no single-slot variant of the GTX 1050. So a comparison with the GT 1030 may also be appropriate; This card has single issues. This card has less video memory and is of the GDDR5 generation, so maybe it can be called a better alternative.

Nvidia hasn’t officially announced the GTX 1630 yet. Reportedly, disclosure will be imminent, but it will also be several times pushed forward to be.

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