Four students killed in their sleep in Idaho State

Four students killed in their sleep in Idaho State

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Four students have been killed while sleeping at a university in the US state of Idaho. So says the local coroner. So far no arrests have been made and no one is suspected. The four victims were three women and one man in their early twenties.

According to the officer, all four victims had multiple stab wounds, apparently caused by a “large knife.” They were stabbed in the chest and upper body. The bodies were found a week ago.

The police have said that the danger has not gone away. “A man who committed four heinous crimes is still on the loose,” local police said in a statement.

The murder case has rocked Moscow, Idaho, a town of about 25,000. The girls were roommates and the male victim was a friend of one of them. The victims were from Idaho and Washington states. Two other occupants of the home were rescued unharmed.

At the University of Idaho, the victims will soon be there Remembered. Donations have also been set up to support the relatives of the four victims. Several tens of thousands of dollars have already been raised.

Many questions

This case is surrounded by many questions. Police suspect students may have been targeted in the attack, but don’t know why. Investigators found no evidence of a burglary at the home of the four.

Detectives seized the contents of three nearby containers for possible evidence. Agents contacted local businesses to see if anyone had purchased a large knife recently.

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