Four additional shows Friends of Amstel LIVE | Displays

Four additional shows Friends of Amstel LIVE |  Displays

The upcoming edition of Vrienden van Amstel Live will be expanded with four shows. The organization also announced today that there will be a concert on April 26, 28, 29 and 30 in Rotterdam Ahoy. Ticket sales for additional shows have already begun.

This means that the concert series now consists of twelve concerts. Artists including Guus Meeuwis, DI-RECT, Nick & Simon, Chef’Special, Typhoon, Willeke Alberti, Miss Montreal and Suzan & Freek will also perform from May 1-4 and May 6-9.

Tickets for the shows flew in May this morning which is why the organization decided to add shows. He’ll be staying for a dozen concerts, says Mitchell Hoffman. “I’d rather everyone have the opportunity to experience Friends of Amstel for an evening, but the artists’ schedules and location don’t offer more space than these twelve shows. It is indeed a miracle that we have been able to put together so many shows in such a short period of time.”

Friends van Amstel LIVE was supposed to take place in January, but the series was canceled at the last minute due to Corona measures.

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