Formula 1 negotiates for third US GP with Indianapolis and Las Vegas

Formula 1 negotiates for third US GP with Indianapolis and Las Vegas

The Miami Grand Prix will not debut in 2022 Formula 1 calendar, But behind the scenes they are already busy setting up the third Grand Prix in the United States. The royal class is said to be in talks with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the city of Las Vegas.

Although the current owners of Formula 1 are from the United States, the game is not as popular there as you might expect. Many Americans prefer American racing classes such as IndyCar or NASCAR. Liberty Media has done everything in its power in recent years to increase attention in its home country. For example, it has already completed a successful collaboration with Netflix for the documentary Drive to Survive, which attracts a large audience each year.

Drive to survive

According to Jack Brown, the documentary has gained a lot of fans. I was surprised to hear how many times people say, “I know nothing about F1, I ‘ve never seen F1 – but now I’m not losing the F1 race.” Game Business Magazine. “Sometimes these are [sportdocumentaires] A normal fan on board and you get a little attention, but the Netflix F1 came with non-followers and turned into diehard fans overnight.

Grand Prix in the United States

In addition, Liberty Media has indicated in the past that it wants a second race in the United States, somewhat to increase its popularity in the country. That dream will finally come true next year. From 2022, a second race will be added to American soil: the Miami Grand Prix. The organization behind this new race has signed a ten-year contract with Formula 1. The United States Grand Prix in Kota will continue as usual.

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Still, it looks like it will not stand in two races on American soil, Dominicoli told the media that Formula 1 is considering adding a third race to the Formula 1 calendar. “I certainly did not turn down that offer.” Formula 1 is currently reportedly in talks with Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Las Vegas for a race on the famed The Strip.

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