Former Youth News presenter Reveals NOS Sport Stories: ‘I didn’t want you to be seen as a victim’

Former Youth News presenter Reveals NOS Sport Stories: 'I didn't want you to be seen as a victim'

“We preferred not to be on that floor above us,” says Ross. “It was less good there. As a woman, it wasn’t a nice place to live.” According to the presenter, there were “certain types” she preferred not to meet.

Siham also did not feel comfortable in this department. “Sometimes you had to ask the sports editors something and then you had to have the courage to ask what you had to ask and go as quickly as possible.”

For Siham, the story of former NOS Studio sports presenter Aisha Marghadi was also well known. In an article in De Volkskrant on Friday afternoon, Aisha said she was bullied because of her origin, among other things. Siham says she also had to deal with racism during her work, though she doesn’t say where or when. For example, she was told that she got her job “only” because of her origin.

Siham said at the time that she “consciously does not use the word racism”. However, at a certain point, the discussion ends up in a situation where you comfort the other person because they think they are being labeled a racist. Siham describes her reaction, “No, I don’t think you’re racist, but what you said is not possible.” “So you’re also explaining why things can’t be done all the time.”

Eva Genk draws attention to the fact that Siham is the “only woman of color” who joins this conversation, after the others have declined. “I have not spoken publicly of such matters nor did I wish to be a victim. Perhaps I am also afraid of the sludge that gets the better of you.”

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