Former The Witcher 3 director’s studio receives investment from NetEase – Gaming – News

My picture of NetEase is mixed,

In fact, many titles developed under their watchful eyes already tend to push quality to the background and focus instead on pumping out (small) DLC, unwanted in-game cosmetic purchases to also pay to win in various forms, and subscriptions in various forms. They generally offer little for their cost.

Especially with games that include in-game purchases, they (and other Chinese gamers) often have a hand in designing games in such a way that in principle they are playable without in-game purchases, but then you have to play them. Many or have such cumbersome procedures have to do without 5 euros for the “xyz convenience package” remains on the edge of fun and frustration.

In addition, the situation is probably a bit tense with Chinese companies in general at the moment, as the EU and China seem to be preparing for a new round of economic measures on both sides.

I also saw Eve in her stable and made a comment about it being a good game where it wasn’t but they specifically have the mobile version of it and I googled it for a while and I see reddit threads come up again with excel sheets that say what things Which you can best buy for real money or inside games and things you should not do in order to get the best value for your money. This is not reassuring : s

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