Former Kid Rock in tears in Steenrijk’s new episode, Straatarm

Former Kid Rock in tears in Steenrijk's new episode, Straatarm

Conchita and her daughter London actually live in Beverly Hills, but they stayed in Antwerp for a while. They also have a luxury residence there. However, they will exchange this for a week for the home of mother Jolanda and daughter Keiana. In addition to the homes, the two families would also live on other income. Conchita and London, for example, have to be content with one hundred euros a week. Jolanda and Kiana see a lot of money for the first time: they can spend two thousand euros this week.

Conchita, who spends her time in America acting, singing, and doing business, gets into trouble when she talks to a friend of Jolanda’s. For example, Conchita finds out that Kiana’s father, Jolanda’s ex-partner, died two years ago. It also becomes clear why Jolanda and her daughter are not on good terms. Due to financial problems in the family, they end up in debt restructuring in 2018. For example, they had to live on fifty euros a week for a while. Conchita is surprised when she hears this and breaks down. “I don’t know how to explain it. It almost feels selfish. I come back (…), but she stayed in this. It’s really eye-opening to really live like this,” she says, tearfully. When people say you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes. no. you can try. You can think or feel about it. “But you really can’t imagine,” she adds.

At the end of the episode, Conchita cries again when Jolanda asks her how she spent her week. Conchita explains that she finds it difficult to accept that Jolanda and her daughter live on only one hundred euros a week. “It was hard for me,” she says, sobbing. “Because you’re also a single mom and you want it [de kinderen, red.] give it all. And you want to be there for them. You want to give them the world. To encourage Jolanda and her daughter, Conchita decided to surprise her: “I would like to invite you to Beverly Hills.” “Jolanda and Kyana are so happy about it.” no! This is really crazy. I really like it. I was really curious about your house. LA here we come!Yolanda says.

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