Former Eneco CEO Ruud Sondag Takes Over Schiphol | Economie

Former Eneco CEO Ruud Sondag Takes Over Schiphol |  Economie

Rod Sundag will be the interim CEO of Schiphol effective November 1st. He is the successor to Dick Pinchob, who recently resigned. The intention is to have Sondag responsible for day-to-day management until the summer of 2023.

The new CEO must make sure that the problems of long queues are resolved as quickly as possible. The airport is short of 800 security guards and is busy recruiting new staff. As a result, crowds remain.

Schiphol decided in July to limit passenger numbers and recently extended that measure until March. The chaos at the airport also led to the departure of CEO Bungop.

According to Supervisory Board Chairman Jaap Winter of Royal Schiphol Group, Sundaj is the right person for the job with his knowledge and experience. “This will enable him to make an important contribution to solving Schiphol’s operational challenges.”

Sondag is a supervisory director at ProRail and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, among others. He is giving up these positions so that he can focus fully on Schiphol. Previously, he was CEO of the energy company Eneco.

Sundaj said in a short response that he was very enthusiastic about solving the problems at Schiphol: “Structural improvement is essential for the traveler, airlines and the Netherlands.”

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