March 29, 2023

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Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz can be tried and immunity lifted

Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz can be tried and immunity lifted

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz lost his legal immunity from prosecution as a Member of Parliament. Parliament in Vienna unanimously agreed to remove this status: Kurz himself and members of his party in the Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) also voted in his favour.

This means that the Austrian Public Prosecutor’s Office can continue the criminal investigation of the former chancellor. The attorney general wants 35-year-old Kurz to be tried for corruption, among other things. He allegedly used public money in 2016 to manipulate opinion polls in his favour. He then took charge of the conservative ÖVP and became a chancellor.

Soon after learning he was a suspect, in early October, Retired Kurtz. He still leads his party in Parliament. Therefore, it was legally inviolable. Kurtz had already indicated that he would agree to A request for justice To waive this immunity, he said, because then he can quickly prove his innocence.

Ibiza Business

A possible wrongdoing by Cortes is also being investigated in a case known as the Ibiza Affair. This case, as of 2019, revolves around a corruption scandal involving the right-wing populist party FPÖ, which then formed a coalition with ÖVP.

Kurz allegedly lied to the parliamentary commission investigating the corruption case. He allegedly made a false statement about appointing a close associate as CEO of an Austrian state-owned company.

Kurtz himself says he did nothing wrong either way. He said before that, “That’s why I hope for a quick trial, quick action, quick decision, and waiver of immunity is the basis for that. That’s why I’m so glad this is happening these days.” the decision.

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