Foreign Office – Listen to the Thai Resistance & America Wants More Weapons podcasts

(00:35) Thailand joins the resistance

After a decisive election victory, the Thai opposition is uniting in the hope that the military will soon accept a new democratic government. Because the loss of conservative politicians with the support of the military does not guarantee a change of power. A Thai scholar explains how exactly that is Roger Basser from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

(11:33) Uncle Sam only wants to shoot American guns

A new bill in the U.S. has raised eyebrows among U.S. allies, including the Netherlands. Because if the author of this law had his way, the vast majority of American weapons would soon have to be manufactured in their own country. Critics say that is bad news for the European military industry and the quality of American weapons. The Dutch military attache in Washington has warned about the plan, and 24 other US allies have signed his letter criticizing it. American expert on this Paul VerhagenAffiliated with the Center for Strategic Studies in The Hague.

(20:38) Featured: Italy

The Romans already dreamed: a bridge to Sicily. Will the Ponte Sullo Stretto or the World’s Longest Suspension Bridge finally arrive? Reporter about it Angelo Van Schaeck.

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