Fixed breast implants are also unsafe, and researchers want to ban silicone prostheses

Fixed breast implants are also unsafe, and researchers want to ban silicone prostheses

Also with solid breast implants, which until now were considered safe, silicone particles can flake off. This is what international research published today in Medical Journal JAMA, AVROTROS Consumer Program Reports radar.

In 87 percent of the 400 women studied with solid or liquid breast implants, the implant particles were found elsewhere in the body, including the brain. In addition, inflammatory reactions in the body appeared in 92.5% of women.

Solid silicone breast implants have been the norm since the 1990s, claiming to be a safe alternative to liquid silicone gel implants. But research now shows that there is no difference in health effects between old and new silicone implants.

Complaints later at most

“Previous research from the 1990s has already shown how bad these liquid silicones are, and what is the causal relationship to the complaints,” said researcher Henry Dijkman. radar. “We’re showing now: it’s the same with new products. At most, complaints about new products appear later.”

It also appears that in 99 percent of cases the silicone particles leak out or sweat. Scientists say: “The use of silicone breast implants should be discontinued until proven safety.”

Researcher Dijkman wants insurance companies to reimburse implant removals from women who have complaints as a result. This does not always happen now.


Last summer, RIVM, along with general practitioners and educational institutions, began a four-year study of breast implants. More than 200,000 women in the Netherlands have implants.

Institutions are investigating whether there is a link between silicone breast implants and health complaints, such as chronic fatigue and joint complaints.

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