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Diablo IV society is in turmoil. At the end of Season Zero, Blizzard has already made the changes that will apply to Season 1. These changes were not good. In different sizes, all chapters have jumbo sizes he gets excited for choosing them, much to the players’ chagrin. Given the popularity of Diablo and the intensity of the hype, here are five questions about the Diablo IV version 1.1.0 controversy.

What happened?

Blizzard has made a laundry list of nerfs. For those unfamiliar with the term, the metaphor is that you give an actual firearm the power of a Nerfgun, which is a toy gun that fires plastic and foam rubber rounds.

The nerfs are for each class: Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid. Some have been hit more than others. For example, Rogue players say they got hits less hard and those on Wizard character buttons saw the fun sink in more. They say they die after one hit from a specific enemy where before they can deal with whole hordes of the same enemy. You usually do that because the characters are so strong. In multiplayer you often annoy others and in single player the motive is usually not to make the game too easy.

the Patch notes can honestly be classified as a laundry list. IGN has made a valiant effort to summarize the main points of this in a video, and this still ends up with fifteen minutes of footage. One commenter on Reddit sums it up more succinctly, but also more subjectively. Without trying to cover the load, the patch does it in a nutshell: All categories feel weaker than they’ve ever been. the DamageCases have decreased slightly, too defense as well lower rates Other important components have been reduced.

What does society think of that?

The reaction was not pleasant. The implication seems almost unanimously negative. The subreddit makes critical jokes like, “They fixed an issue that was causing players to have fun.” Others say they’ll only sit out the season if things go this way, seeing a shift from fun to more grinding, a practice that requires players to invest excessive hours to figure out the progression they want. Another says: “The magician has turned from a glass cannon into ordinary glass and paper.” Distrust is expressed many times about whether Blizzard has tested this same patch.

Fixed an issue where the player base was having fun.Yet another player, who may or may not be rich, He offers developers $1 million if they play a magician in a twenty-minute broadcast. Presumably, he forgot to mention that they also have to be effective in combat and it must be a bit of fun. Finally, gamers do too Bombardment review On Metacritic the game has one at the time of writing User Score 2.2.

Few users ignore Blizzard’s stern criticisms. he says It is suspected that Blizzard beat players on their release And it “always hurts when it’s taken away from you.” He states that “maybe we’re not supposed to be able to easily defeat enemies 25 levels higher”.

What did Blizzard say then?

The developer decided not to delve into the radio silence, but came up with one Fireside chatwhere several relevant studio leaders explained their decisions.

In short, the team says it “never plans to release a patch like this again.”

In this video, Blizzard explains that the goal was to “slow players down.” “We wanted to prevent players from rushing through all of the content,” says the company. “Ultimately, we’re trying to make the game more fun for players,” adds game director Joe Shelley. “The players are at the heart of everything we do and if the players don’t believe they are, as the game changes, we’re not achieving our goals.” In short, the team says it “never plans to release a patch like this again.”

All in all, Blizzard has passed through the dust here for a bit. She basically admitted that she went completely wrong and that a change of course is imminent.

What are the tangible consequences?

In the short term, absolutely nothing will follow and this again causes dissatisfaction among the players. Patch 1.1.0 will not be rolled back. Blizzard to release mythical aspects To make the mage and barbarian more powerful. Using these aspects, items can be upgraded to a higher rarity level. This patch is only a few weeks old.

In addition, Blizzard promises to announce content updates “at least a week” in advance. This should provide an opportunity for feedback and to “absorb the information up front”. Blizzard isn’t saying it’s going to do anything with these comments, but there’s a chance it will be given.

all’s well That ends well?

Given the outrage of the Diablo community, it’s no surprise that the outrage was so intense with this one Don’t calm down too much. “If you already have a huge Power creepCorrection, I really messed it up in the initial release,” said one commenter. Others say they can understand that super-strong characters ultimately take all the fun out of the game, but that was the wrong strategy. “It should have been presented differently,” one argues. “If it had been packaged as an additional challenge that also offered new and better rewards, it would have been different.”

Other commenters finally say they don’t really expect anything else from Blizzard these days. They see these changes as a way to extend gameplay hours at the expense of gameplay. They are also not impressed with Blizzard’s continuance. The main criticism is that no questions from the live chat were answered during the broadcast and the patch was not rolled back.

Finally, this isn’t Blizzard’s only PR blunder. With some high-end editions of Diablo IV, buyers get one copy Battle pass there; Which is worth around 10€ and gets you additional bonuses in the game season. Players have already shared the advice that you can simply save this battle pass until a later season due to what they find not quite as fun in Season 1. In the season screen, where you can keep track of the rewards you have already unlocked and you can activate the battle pass, however, it turns out that your cursor is on the battle pass activation button when you unlock the screen. As a result, players inadvertently activate their battle pass in a hurry and “give” Blizzard another €10. Blizzard He was accused of using a dark pattern and promises to fix this as well.

It was over in the blink of an eye, which makes it hard to look back, but it also went way too fast for YouTuber Rurikhan.

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