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OpenWRT logo (79 pixels) OpenWrt version 22.03.0 has been released. OpenWrt is an alternative open source firmware for File A large number Various routers and embedded devices. viapackage management system There is a possibility to specify what the router can and cannot do. Many people are actively working on GoT, look at that This subject. You can simply update the version with the . extension sysupgrade from the web interface. The main improvements made in this release are listed below.

4 firewall based on nftables

Firewall4 is used by default instead of firewall3 In OpenWrt default images. Firewall uses 4 nftables instead of iptables to configure netfilters in Linux.

Firewall 4 uses the same configuration as the UCI Firewall. Old firewall configurations should still work with Firewall 4, using nftables now. The additional option that allowed adding custom iptables commands no longer works.

iptables It is not included in default images anymore, it can be added with opkg or ImageBuilder if it is necessary. iptables-nftAnd the arptables-nftAnd the ebtables-nft And the xtables-nft Provides a command line interface known from older tools, but will create nftables entries instead.

Many new devices have been added

OpenWrt 22.03 supports more than 1580 devices. Added support for more than 180 new devices as well as device support by OpenWrt 21.02. OpenWrt 22.03 supports more than 15 Wifi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) capable devices using the MediaTek MT7915 wifi chip.

  • The gurgling Target added for NXP QorIQ (PowerPC) in OpenWrt 22.03.
  • The bmips Target added for Boardcom MIPS BCM33xx, BCM63xx, and BCM7xxx SoCs.

More targets transferred to DSA

The following targets or panels have been migrated from swconfig to DSA using OpenWrt 22.03 in addition to systems already migrated with OpenWrt 21.02:

  • bcm53xx: All boards using this target have been converted to DSA
  • Lantech: All motherboards using xrx200/vr9 SoC
  • Sunchi: Bananapi Lamobo R1 (only sunxi board with switch)

Dark fashion in Lucy

LuCI boot design supports dark mode. The default design activates dark mode depending on your browser settings. Change it manually in “System” → “System” → “Language and Style”.

The year 2038 problem has been dealt with

Uses OpenWrt 22.03 Muscle 1.2.xwhich changed time_t Type from 32-bit to 64-bit on 32-bit systems, on a 64-bit system it was always 64-bit long. When a Unix timestamp is stored in a 32-bit flagged integer It will overflow on January 19, 2038. With the change to 64-bit, this will happen after 292 billion years. This is a change to the musl libc ABI and needs a recompilation of all user space applications associated with musl libc. For 64-bit systems this was done when the ABI was defined several years ago, glibc ARC ABI already has 64 bits time_t.

Update core components

The core components have the following versions in 22.03.0-rc6:

  • Updated tool chain:
    • musl libc 1.2.3
    • glibc 2.34.0 Update
    • Gulf Cooperation Council 11.2.0
    • binutils 2.37
  • Updated Linux kernel
  • network:
    • hostapd 2.10, dnsmasq 2.86, dropbear 2022.82
    • cfg80211 / mac80211 from kernel 5.15.58
  • System user country:

In addition to the listed applications, many other applications have also been updated, see Detailed change log for more information.

OpenWrt 19.07.2018

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