February 9, 2023

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Firmware Update: Athom Homey 8.0.1 – Picture and Sound – Downloads

In fact, this update was necessary to activate the Advanced Stream Add-on. See here for: News: Homey introduces a paid Advanced Flow add-on for Homey Pro

But I think this update is pretty good, despite the fact that a few (no) other things are in order.
We can say and think anything about Athorm (the house) and its competitors, but I think this one (despite paying once) is a very good option.
Say it yourself, I bought a product 8 years ago (for me) Homey KS early 2016 and they still keep the software now. We buy a new smartphone every few years as we have been getting little update in recent years.
Well sometimes something goes missing (special audio, old editor) but now I set the last option back as an option.
I think a lot of people will deal with the standard flow editor, but if you get more experienced over time, that’s a godsend. After 2 days, I was able to clean up a series of 40 streams because I was able to merge so many streams into 1. And already enough ideas to start the other streams.
And yes, a common complaint is “why aren’t existing streams imported into new streams”, I’m that there are so many changes to the basic configuration that this wasn’t really possible. I think the folks at Athorum have thought about it but they haven’t. This may be to ensure basic compatibility.

Homy Early 2016 v8.0.1

  • 80 zigbee, hardware (many axles (powerd switches), hue bridge)
  • 25 wifi inputs (monitors)
  • Smile-P1 coupled, hourly power, other power meters
  • No sulfur or other means of contact
  • 25 apps uploaded
  • 200 active streams
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