Firmware Update: Apple iOS 16.5 – Tablets and Phones – Downloads

When I read it, I already thought: it should be about this in the comments. And yes indeed. Live and let live is the acceptance that you find something unnecessary.

What surprises me most is that it’s called 16.5, when it actually solves 3 problems (bug fixes on specific ports IMO), and adds one feature which is also (for me) too small to call it a feature version.

And all this with a size of 604 MB. inconceivable.

Actually again do not worry, there are more serious problems in this world.

Except for people who are part of this LGBTQ community, especially those who grew up in a community where they couldn’t be themselves for a long time. Recognition is very important to them, and sometimes it remains a trauma for life. It’s already time to get psychiatric help, because of social flock behavior where people can’t be themselves, despite the fact that they barely hurt a fly with it.

You know the number of people who say they have no problem with it is = 3, congratulations. The truth is that it is and will continue to be a problem, including hatred towards this class; People are not accepted in the Netherlands either.

For me, for example, the most annoying thing is that I can’t really tell if someone is male or female, which I find annoying, but it’s completely secondary to someone else’s identity. Because I can hardly see the difference between Portuguese and Spanish, and I can hardly hear either. So what, you do not know for sure. What does it matter?

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