Firmware Update: Apple iOS 16.1 – Tablets and Phones – Downloads

I still think he’s right. “iPadOS 16.0” is not said to be released as of today, but “iPad OS 16” is out as of today. I mean, if you say you have updated your PC to Windows 11 without mentioning a build, you are right. If you update your iPad to “iPad OS 16”, that doesn’t mean it’s not 16.1, 16.1.1, 16.2 (beta) or whatever – just the generic “major release” of the iPad OS 16. Another example for perspective is Parallels Desktop . You are installing or upgrading to Desktop 18. Whether you install 18.0, 18.0.1, 18.0.2 or 18.1 does not change the fact that you are using Version 18. (Details are only necessary for troubleshooting and to really see the level of debugging.)

Technically you can only use the major version and not have to name the secondary iteration when you are talking about update in the general sense.

So that specifically updating to 16.1 is correct, but not mandatory to name that .1. “iPad OS 16 also available as of today” is the correct wmb permission. Anyway, he’s just wandering around in the margins and fucking ants because it doesn’t matter much in the end, but that’s an aside. : s

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