Fireworks at De Verraders after the round table: ‘I’m angry’

Fireworks at De Verraders after the round table: 'I'm angry'

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

It is revealed in this episode that Jan Slagter is no longer a believer in the game. He was seduced by Katinka Simons and Sander Huismann, after their colleague Maria Vesseler had been banished earlier that evening. While Katinka plans to “sacrifice” Jan in the next round of the table by knocking him out, his colleague Traitor Sander thinks quite differently. Sander trusts Jan much more than Katinka. After all, the two had argued among themselves many times in the game of betrayal. That is why Sander does not want to throw Jan, but Katinka in front of the bus. “I want to go to the final with you,” Sander says confidently. Jan completely agrees: “It feels so good with Sander. I really trust him.”

But at the Round Table, Sundar and Jan’s plan seems to go completely wrong when Salma Amri once again takes the lead. She is suspicious of Jan and hopes that the others will vote with her for the chief anchor. Jan tries to divert suspicions onto Katinka with the real ‘bathrobe theory’. “I am 99% sure that you are a traitor. (…) I have noticed a few evenings when the conclave is that you say very distinctly: ‘Oh, I’ll have a good shower in a minute.'” “Just to give the impression that you haven’t been in that tower. If you say it once…but if you say it every night, it’s a bit weird.”

When the candidates have to vote, things get really exciting. It turns out that the fate of Katinka and Jan depends on the last vote. Ex-footballer Nathan Rutjes has the right to vote and decides to end Katinka’s adventure.

Katinka is disappointed that the curtain has fallen on her. “Okay Jan, get your chest wet. I expect Sander will make sure you come out tomorrow,” she says after her exit. She also has some last words for her fellow traitor, Sander: “Damn you. “

Who also has some pent up anger in them is Jan. He was betrayed by two of his friends: Billy and Shahid. Both voted for him. “You didn’t support me. What is our friendship now, man, it doesn’t amount to shit? I got a dagger in my back from you. I wasn’t expecting this from you,” Jan tells a witness. “I am mad with anger.” Fortunately, Jan manages to control his emotions and forgives his friends…for the time being. “I’ll pretend I forgot the old currant bread, but it’s still here.”

traitors She can be seen every Friday at 8 pm. on RTL 4. Or watch the episode again at Videoland.

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