Fiplay president: “I don’t think we’ll get the Eredivisie”

Fiplay president: "I don't think we'll get the Eredivisie"

Tips from this episode:

Watch: Wim DB passed away this week. Together with Kees van Kooten, he has drawn powerful sketches for decades. Socially critical and often ahead of his time. Also about technology: eg Sketches on “Forgotten Media”.For example, or National Privacy Test. or Virtual reality for the poor man Since 1994: Even then, Van Kooten and de Bie saw fun in technologies that are only now emerging. Wim de Bie was also a passionate blogger, and quite early on :op Can you still read the whole thing.

series: Succession, the fourth and final season about media mogul Logan Roy and his four fake children who fight over his favors, his inheritance, and his billions. Lots of black humor, very well written. Seen on HBO Max.

Game: Tera Neal, a strategy game that’s not about war, it’s about building. The world has already ended, this is the starting point. It is up to you to rebuild it: not for people, but for nature and animals. You set up windmills and air purifiers, and in this way you continue to develop your little piece of land into an oasis, home to all kinds of life. You still have to think strategically, but it’s not a one-off destructive one. It costs €25 for Windows, and can be played for free on Android and iOS for Netflix subscribers.

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