Finland’s Eurovision hit with close-up dancers and polonaise scores with bookies | Eurovision Song Contest

Finland's Eurovision hit with close-up dancers and polonaise scores with bookies |  Eurovision Song Contest

Käärijä, stage name of Jere Pöyhönen, was the masked winner of the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. He did this with a huge lead in the telecast, and also convincingly won the jury. What you did was noticed. He entered the stage in leather pants and a bare torso, with his arms covered only in fluorescent green. The dancers were there too. They were tied with pink ribbons, with which he controlled their movements.

The song itself can’t be categorized either. Käärijä starts rapping, looking intently at the camera. The choir gets up, as is the moment the dancers first start working. After about two minutes, the melody suddenly changes to a cheerful one and the same singer starts dancing as well, eventually ending up as a kind of jockey at the back of the line of dancers who are kneeling on the floor. A little later, there’s time for a little polonaise.

The text does not match the striking verb. It’s about someone who’s had a rough week and now only wants nightlife and piña coladas. “During the week I wasn’t that boy, but I am today,” is Pöyhönen’s message.

For now, Pöyhönen is doing well with it. After winning the Finnish Festival, Käärijä is now a contender for the Eurovision Song Contest. With a 12% chance of winning, the artist only has to put up with Sweden and Ukraine. Sweden’s entry has not yet been chosen, but Lorraine – who in 2012 met with trance She won the festival – she made such an impression that in the preliminary round the bookmaker gave her a 27% chance of winning. Ukraine – which it really chose to do – has been among the betting houses in that country since the war. Their chance of winning, as in the past year, is estimated at 16%.

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Read more below Lauren’s song video.

To date, 21 of the 37 songs have been announced for the Eurovision Song Contest. On March 1, it will become clear with which song Dion Cooper and Mia Nikolai will part for the Netherlands in Liverpool. This weekend, the two have already shared a taste of their song.

Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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