Finding War Treasure in a Thrift Store: An anonymous donor hands over antique newspapers

Finding War Treasure in a Thrift Store: An anonymous donor hands over antique newspapers

An exceptional find was made at the thrift store Keer op Keer in Limmen. In the delivery office, I left about fifty old wartime newspapers in a box. It is remarkable that this concerns not only the publications of the resistance, but also the newspapers of the NSB. Who brought him remains a mystery. “I would like to unravel the mystery,” said volunteer Wim Maan.

“Actually, I only thought of ‘wow’ when I saw the newspapers, Maan told NH Nieuws. The newspapers, which described liberation, among other things, but also, for example, the ‘bad influence’ of the Jewish people in the Netherlands In the NSB Volk en Vaderland newspaper, she impresses the volunteer: “They are still very good quality and tell a lot about wartime.”

The death penalty

“It’s remarkable that you still come across these papers,” says Jill Visser of the War Museum at Bergen Airport. “The war lasted longer and longer, so there is less and less freedom. And during the war you didn’t want a resistance newspaper to catch you in your house, it was punishable by death. And after the war, the stove lit up with NSB newspapers.”

Who left the papers behind remains a mystery. Volunteer Wim Maan would like to know the story behind this. “Who left it and why? It’s also interesting that it contains resistance leaflets and NSB newspapers. But the person who handed it over saw its value and gave it to us and that’s great!”

Wim Maan from thrift store Keer op Keer showing the delivered newspapers:

A destination for antique newspapers has already been found. “All our income goes to charity. So we can put it in the Marktplaats, but Jelle Visser from the museum in Bergen comes in regularly to ask if things from World War II have arrived. Now we have something nice for him, so the papers go to the museum, and it’s good Also to be preserved for future generations.”

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Visser of the Bergen Airport Museum is delighted. “Sometimes you get newspaper from that time, but then moths or mice ran away with them. These newspapers are in good condition and belong in a museum.” From next week, newspapers can be enjoyed in the galleries of the Bergen Airport Museum.

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