Final delivery of the refurbished Nieuwweergevondenweg truck

Eindoplevering van de heringerichte Nieuwweergevondenweg

“A model route using new technology.” For example, Minister Riad Nour Mohamed of Public Works (OW) spoke on Tuesday 30 November 2021 at the second final delivery of the redesigned Nieuwweergevondenweg. This final delivery follows the first handover in May 2020, and management is now taking full responsibility for this important connection between Paramaribo and Wanica North-West. The minister is talking about a model that will also be used in the rehabilitation of other roads.

This will also improve road safety. The redesigned Nieuwweergevondenweg includes elevated footpaths and bike paths made of stunning red polyflex. Minister Nour Mohamed thanked contractor Karimko for his patience. He says the government does not favor very long projects, but contracts that are to be completed on time technically. The minister indicates that there are contractors who want to start their projects and there are others who are still waiting for payment. The government will offset the funding arrears in a public-private partnership (PPP) with these contractors.

Minister Nour Mohamed confirms that every project must be in the budget and covered by law. He pointed out that a number of projects will be completed in the coming weeks, and others will be launched. According to him, this is all within the laws and regulations. The minister calls for patience with large investment projects, because this requires research and good preparation. In addition, his department wants to implement projects of people’s choice. In this context, Public Works will agree with the District Commissioners in all counties what to do in their administrative area.

District Commissioner Fulgens Gavindi of Paramaribo in the southwest and Suraksha Sital Herasinghe of Northwest Wanica are both calling for the economic use of Nieuwweergevondenweg. Gavind asks motorists to monitor their driving behaviour. Hiraseng is talking about a special moment. She also pointed out the importance of the street as a connecting road not only to that, but also to the economic activities that take place there.

Santosh Suman, Director of Civil Engineering Works (CTW) at OW explains that after the first handover, the contractor remained responsible for road maintenance. After the second handover, the responsibility rests entirely with the Ministry. In the meantime, the road has been cleaned, sewer treated and landing repaired and a polyflex section of the course track finished.

The rehabilitation of Nieuwweergevondenweg is the result of an integrated road redevelopment plan.

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