FIFA 22 Review – Focus on Social Customization

FIFA 22 Review - Focus on Social Customization


FIFA 22 focuses more on social media and personalization than its predecessors. Of course, Ultimate Team, which now also includes preview packs, stays central and this mode promises to keep players busy for another year. Further, the rinsing will be thinner. For example, nothing has changed on the part of the manager in the career pattern. The lesser known player’s career has seen some changes and for professional clubs, the “join” system has a huge impact on lowering the barriers. However, the Volta is pretty much stripped down compared to previous versions and also just doesn’t feel good. The gameplay is varied in the big field. There are positive developments, such as improved goalkeepers, smarter defenders, more effective dribbling and acceleration, but a lot of strange things happen. For example, players pass the ball to each other two meters apart. In addition, the ball sometimes goes through a leg or a hand and the legs can also move perfectly in FIFA 22. Of course that doesn’t make it any better. FIFA 22 still has a great vibe, which makes the upgrade process for players with PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X that much easier to justify, because the game looks pretty nice on those platforms. Those who don’t have any of these consoles or who generally ignore FUT, have no good reason to get FIFA 22.

Games as a Service: It’s neither new nor surprising and we have long accepted it as part of the current era. This service normally includes a recurring amount, although this can be incorporated into the game in various ways. Other key components are new periodic content and ongoing support and are often essential social and focused online gameplay. This jacket doesn’t immediately fit a game like FIFA, but it’s not far from it. Monthly promotions in Ultimate Team, the growing online balance of game modes and of course the constant flow of money that starts year after year through the sale of packages in Ultimate Team: FIFA is no longer the football game in which the player was a career mode annually is the main game mode. Is that bad? not necessarily. But it affects all kinds of development options, which can be seen when the new game hits stores.

One of these options was a literally mandatory number: Preview Packs would return in FIFA 22. After all, EA had to do something about the FIFA gambling component of Power of Fortune games and Preview Packs appeared in FIFA 21 as the answer. Players can view the bundle before purchasing it. If you don’t buy it after that, it will take 24 hours before the next preview package becomes available. In the meantime, you can only buy “blind” packages. From experience we can say that it is very difficult to wait 24 hours for the next safe package, so that the temptation to gamble on closed packages remains. This doesn’t seem like a solution to the basic problem to us – that the parcel system can be considered a gamble and can get people into trouble this way – but it is a step up from the situation in previous games.

When we got to know FIFA 22 a few months ago, a lot of attention was paid to the gameplay. That’s fine and we’ll of course come back to that in the next pages. Soon after the gameplay, there was a lot of interest in innovations in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and FIFA Volta. red thread? Customize your avatar. This means in Volta that there are a lot of things that can make your player, literally your avatar, look lively. In Ultimate Team, you can design and decorate your own club in more ways than ever, with a variety of collectible tickets to expand your stadium even further. Both game modes ultimately revolve around online confrontations with other players, while you can also import your avatar into Career Mode and Pro Clubs. Central character, unlocking new packs: it’s more modern than ever.

Of course you can ignore this part if you like; Those who just want to start their game in career mode can still do so. If you want to use FIFA 22 as a Friday night game with friends, you still have that option – with mutual stats and more fun mini-games than ever before. What we’re just trying to explain is that the game’s center of gravity has changed permanently and that has consequences. This FIFA, for example, has fewer new features than many of the previous games in the series. Even the Volta feels a bit stripped down compared to last year, and Career Mode has barely changed in content. So it’s a more fluid soccer game. Almost like the service.

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