‘FIA comes to US with new rule: Fold time now removed with yellow flag situation’

'FIA comes to US with new rule: Fold time now removed with yellow flag situation'

The FIA ​​may introduce a new rule that would eliminate Formula 1 drivers’ lap time if they cross a section of the lane where the yellow flag is waved. This should give more clarity about the effects of the yellow flag, especially on the consequences of qualifying.

This has been going on for years when qualifying: a driver ‘didn’t get out of the throttle enough’ in a yellow flag situation on his fast lap, eventually putting him back in the starting position. Such a moment must often be determined by the race management, who accidentally gave the benefit of the doubt to Fernando Alonso for a similar crime in Turkey last weekend. Teams and FIAs want to get rid of subjectivity related to current regulations, which is why new guidelines are coming.

The FIA ​​is currently considering a new rule that would automatically eliminate lap time for drivers passing the ‘yellow’ track section. As a result, it no longer pays to drive fast under the yellow flag, and then the discussion with the racing management ends. Rule change can already be tested at the United States Grand Prix.

Masi is aiming for testing in Texas

“Such a rule already exists for track limits,” racing director Michael Masi explains in the conversation Motorsport.com, Indicates elimination of lap time if drivers go beyond track limits in the circuit. “We’m going to see if this can be used now in situations where the yellow flag is waved. Some suggestions are still needed, but a meeting is scheduled for next week, which is on the agenda. We can already try it in Austin (US GB, ed.).

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