Farmers suspend talks about takeover

Farmers suspend talks about takeover

Farmers’ representatives in seven provinces withdrew from consultations on reducing nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands (area-oriented approach).

Farmers’ representatives do not feel that Van der Waal is being heard by the Minister of Nature and Nitrogen. They think the conversations are too much about farm buying and too little about the long-term perspective of the companies that remain. In their opinion, it is not clear how these farmers should become more sustainable.

Earlier this month, Minister van der Waal outlined the path buy farmers, where you want to give more money to farmers who voluntarily left their farms. These plans only increased uncertainty for agricultural entrepreneurs, farmers’ representatives say.

Cabinet must move

“It’s unclear what our future looks like and how we can do it as well and even better,” says Bart Kemp of the Farmers’ Agractie Working Group. “This has never been discussed in the Minister’s approach.”

He was the first to withdraw from the meeting LTO Overijssel† This led to a chain reaction in the provinces with many farmers, such as Friesland, Drenthe and Gelderland. Negotiators withdrew from farmers’ interest groups (LTO, DDB, POV, NMV and FDF).

A large number of representatives and delegates to the nitrogen consultation held emergency consultations in Soest this week. They believe that the cabinet must “move” to make the process work, otherwise there is a risk of further delay.

Political support for farmers

Farmers are supported in their criticism by Overijssel counties and Utrecht. “The view of the farmers who want to continue is not tangible in politics. This is disappointing,” says an Overijssel County spokesperson. “And while they crave clarity. Farmers are important, and no one knows the regions as well. That’s why it’s important to talk to them rather than talk to them.”

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