Farmers Defense Force calls for protest next week in The Hague: “CDA, leave the government” | internal

Farmers Defense Force calls for protest next week in The Hague: "CDA, leave the government" |  internal

with videoFarmers may demonstrate in The Hague next Thursday. The House of Representatives will then debate whether to fold the agricultural agreement. “Run to The Hague!!” , Farmers Defense Force invites farmers. The CDA protest group wants to leave the Cabinet.

“Many farmers are unhappy with the way their interests are being handled. We are subject to additional requirements and wishes, but there is absolutely no guarantee that this will serve our revenue model. The government doesn’t care much,” says Sita van Kempema of the FDF. It improves confidence, and many farmers are angry about it.” She says she doesn’t yet know how many supporters want to take part in the protest.

CDA position

The Farmers Defense Force also wants the Community Development Authority to leave the current government. Now that the agricultural agreement has failed, CDAs are also calling for action. The top of the party should act on a promise to scrap 2030 as the nitrogen deadline. But party leader Wopke Hoekstra no longer renegotiates before the summer. “Don’t get ahead of the music,” Hoekstra said Friday after a cabinet meeting, calling on a number of CDA departments and regional directors to step up to the beat.

CDA faces an enormous dilemma. If the head of the party satisfies the nitrogen demands for a part of the rank and file, he risks rupturing the coalition, triggering snap elections and threatening irrelevance after losing new seats. But if the vocal part of the rank and file is challenged by Wopke Hoekstra, more dissatisfaction threatens within the party. “It’s not easy right now,” a Christian Democrat sighs about the party leadership.

Minister Beit Adema (Agriculture, Christinoi) said after the cabinet meeting on Friday:

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