Fairphone 2 will receive last Android update in March after seven years – Tablets & Phones – News

How does that work after 7 years, in terms of user experience and battery life?

The battery is replaceable, as it is a smartphone, so the user can simply make it new after 7 years.

Do you think for such a high price there could be a slightly better SoC out there.

This is the price you pay for a product that is designed to be repairable. These savings are reflected in the cost that all other brands achieve by not prioritizing repair in price, as is the case here.

Perhaps such an SD720G would be fine for everyday use, but I wonder if this will still be the case in 5 years?

This depends on your requirements. I know a lot of people who are still happily using a phone with the SD625 or SD662 without any issues. SoCs are now a bit of a relic in smartphone land, but they still do quite well

My biggest issue with Fairphone is the customer service. I have some people close to me who have one. The sample size is of course small, but they break quickly, which is obvious to me anyway. It’s not so bad, because it’s a smartphone, right? But if you can’t fix it yourself, you’ll unfortunately discover that Fairphone is a typical niche manufacturer, with downright lousy customer service that actually leaves you to your own devices, leaving you with little to do other than tinker or return it yourself.
I still understand that they simply don’t have the manpower and experience yet as a relatively new and young player, but that doesn’t help me as a paying consumer. I’m just a customer, not a fan who likes to support a group of engineers’ hobby project with their hearts in the right place without getting anything honest in return. You also have these people and there is nothing wrong with that, but I am not

So if you have a Fairphone and it shows any signs of a defect during the Distance Selling Act period, send that thing back immediately, otherwise you will most likely keep the defects for the life of the device. The same goes for any piece of electronics. Don’t be finicky, just stand your lines, because this law is there for a reason.

Before people respond with “I’ve had an original phone for 8 years and it can’t hear completely!!” I am really happy for you because I love the concept of Fairphone :)

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