“Facebook’s Crypto Platform, Diem Sold to Bank” – IT Pro – News

I think it refers to the idea that “there is nothing behind bitcoin” and that “stocks are different”. Except that stocks depend on the amount of bitcoin. Either way, it comes down to the “idea” of where it might go in the future.

Look at the Meta, they don’t produce anything, they don’t build products, they don’t make the world “better”, but is it worth the billions? how?

And Tesla, there’s definitely a great company behind it, but the value isn’t based on the company but on what people think about the value of Tesla in the future. This was confirmed by the crash in stock prices 100% when Elon tweeted some clumsy again.

There are enough cryptocurrencies between them with a value of 0, but this also applies to the stock market. There are also a lot of coding projects that have a very good idea/technique behind them, which also have value.

There are also a lot of crypto projects that are better used for payment transactions. I must say that I doubt (and have been trading cryptocurrencies for 5 years) whether or not it is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a lot like “gold”, is it the basic idea of ​​all cryptocurrencies, but as a means of payment? I must admit that its value fluctuates a lot.

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