Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: Whistleblower accusations are wrong

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: Whistleblower accusations are wrong

In his personal letter, Zuckerberg details Haugen’s claims, which he says are “meaningless.” He points out that Facebook invests a lot of money fighting harmful content: “If we don’t care, why are we hiring more people fighting this number than any other company in our industry?”

Zuckerberg also says that given Facebook’s revenue model, it makes absolutely no sense to display polarizing content in users’ timelines: “We make money from ads and advertisers are constantly telling us they don’t want their ads alongside malicious or angry content.”

Facebook and Instagram outage

In addition, social media such as Instagram also has beneficial effects on teenage girls, among other things, Zuckerberg says: “In fact, our research has shown that many teens get help through the use of Instagram when they are experiencing the problems he has. Teenagers always.

The Facebook CEO also briefly referred to the shutdown of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram on Monday, which he described as the “worst outage in years.” “It also reminds us of how important our work is to people.”

On the other hand, whistleblower Haugen praised the power outage, and she said at the hearing: “I don’t know what caused the outage, but I know Facebook hasn’t been used for more than five hours to deepen divisions in society, destabilize democracies and make girls and women feel bad about their bodies.”

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