Fabrizio through the dust after The Bachelor’s clumsy pronunciation

Fabrizio through the dust after The Bachelor's clumsy pronunciation

Fabrizio bid farewell to Sharina in last week’s episode. The impulse was that he felt that Sharina was going too fast. “I feel like I mean the whole world to her, even when I don’t know her.” Then Sharina revealed in an interview with News 365 I know she didn’t agree at all. “I didn’t feel anything at all!”

Fabrizio received the necessary criticism as a result of the episode and so decided to do his side of the story on Instagram. “The third episode has now been over a week and has generated a lot of opinions,” he writes. We have two camps and that’s perfectly fine. So it is impossible for me to do good to everyone. I still stand behind my choices today and follow my gut feeling back then.

The bachelor says he simply hasn’t related to Sharina yet. The awkward first meeting followed by a few quick conversations during the eventual cocktail parties wasn’t enough to reveal a sign of connection. I laughed quite a bit during the Olympics. I think she was one of the few who was covered in mud from head to toe! I also loved to see afterwards how you provided the necessary humor in the women’s villa. I would also like to thank you for the parenting book which clearly evoked some emotions at that moment. I’m still stopping activities.”

Fabrizio admits he misunderstood some things. Nervousness and uneasiness caused me to misinterpret certain things if I inferred from some of the interviews. I understand your reaction after hearing that last comment as well, but I can tell you that it was in no way intended to be a mistake.

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