F1 is growing in popularity in the US, but Sgt Williams doesn’t owe the nation a seat

F1 is growing in popularity in the US, but Sgt Williams doesn't owe the nation a seat

Logan Sargent doesn’t think he owes his Formula 1 seat to his nationality. The American will make his Williams debut next season and will do so in time for the game boom is in America. The 22-year-old doubts whether that influenced his team’s selection.

“Ultimately I feel like I’ve worked as hard as anybody to get to this point,” says Sgt Official website of Formula 1. “I just have to look at it that way and prepare myself as much as I can to be the best driver I can be this year. I hope I can represent America well and make them proud.

Sargent calls his nationality a ‘happy coincidence’ in his appointment as an F1 driver. “Like I said, I’ve worked hard over the last few years and I’m committed to moving to Europe at a young age to make this dream come true. I feel like I’ve had a good career in step-up classes. I’m looking forward to finishing that chapter and moving on to the next chapter.”

Nationality adds no pressure to Sgt

Given the growing popularity of Formula 1 in the United States, his nationality could put extra pressure on Sargent. But he doesn’t see it that way. “To be honest, I don’t think it’s extra busy. I have high expectations for myself at the moment,” said the Florida-based driver, who finished fourth in Formula 2’s final standings.


Sargent finished his first season in Formula 1 in World Cup position for Alban:

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