Experts say it is time for unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated because the Omicron variant is a concern

Experts say it is time for unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated because the Omicron variant is a concern

“I hope many of these people will benefit from the vaccine in the next two weeks,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told CNN on Friday. “It will help us in the short term. Although Omigran’s health is deteriorating, I expect our vaccine to still be somewhat effective.

Dr. Anthony Fauci softened Shafner’s position on vaccines and boosters.

“If there’s a reason to vaccinate those who have not been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated, I make it very clear that it’s time to go booster,” Fauzi told NBC News’ Lester Holt. Friday.

“Booster injections give you the most important benefit,” he said, adding that boosters increase the levels of antibodies that protect against the virus.

Information from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention This shows that as of Friday, 196 million Americans, or 59% of the U.S. population, were fully vaccinated. Data show that an additional 37.5 million people received booster shots.
On Friday, he left for the United States Travel control The World Health Organization considered Omicron a worrying variable on Monday after it was first discovered in eight countries, mainly in South Africa. Travel to the United States is restricted to those in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa.

The World Health Organization says Omicron health officials are more concerned about the potential for infection than with the original corona virus strain, which also has a higher number of mutations.

Fauci told CNN on Friday that there was no evidence that the alternative had gone to the United States.

The CDC said the diversified surveillance system in the United States has reliably detected new variations in the past.

“We look forward to recognizing soon if Omigron appears in the United States,” the company said in a statement.

After an epidemic that lasted nearly two years, experts and world leaders are concerned about the impact of Omicron and many other countries. Travel ban imposed. Apart from South Africa, newly identified variants have been found in Botswana, Hong Kong and Belgium.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday that the virus has the “highest to highest” risk of spreading across the continent.

Vaccine makers are working to determine their effectiveness against Omigran

Meanwhile, vaccine makers have revealed that they are taking action to address the increased risk of omigran.

Moderna said Friday that it is rapidly testing its vaccine’s ability to neutralize Omicron, with data expected in the coming weeks.

In a press release, Moderna said, “The strain is believed to improve transmission, and mutations found in beta and delta variants are believed to improve immunity.”

“The combination of mutations poses a significant potential risk of accelerating the erosion of natural and vaccine-induced immunity.”

Moderna has made it clear that the potential solution is to motivate people with a larger dose if the current vaccine and booster replacement are not adequate, which is being tested.

Fassi says the United States needs to know more about the newly discovered Covit-19 variant B.1.1.529 is the 'red flag'

The company is evaluating two polyvalent booster candidates to see if it offers better protection against Omicron – both of which have some virus mutations found in the variant.

Moderna is also testing a specific Omigron booster.

“For several days, we have been moving fast to implement our strategy to address this alternative,” said Stephen Boncel, CEO of Moderna, in a statement.

Scientists at BioNTech, a German company that has partnered with Pfizer to develop the Covid-19 vaccine, are exploring the impact of injection variation, with data expected in the coming weeks.

A Johnson & Johnson spokesman told CNN that the company was testing the effectiveness of the vaccine against Omigran.

Scientists at Govit-19 work at the Center for Epidemiological Response and Discovery in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Experts say travel restrictions for Govt-19 are not so effective

The decision by the Biden administration to restrict travel to eight countries is a precautionary measure as the US government learns more about the Omigron type corona virus.

But some experts say travel restrictions are not as effective as they appear.

“The travel ban is moderately effective.

Travel doors closed after hundreds of passengers were stranded after a new version of Govt alert

“But it’s obviously allowing American citizens to come back. They can bring the virus. And people can go out of the country in question, for example, to South Africa, and other travel-free countries, and come in sideways. So the travel ban would be somewhat effective, but do not expect a miracle.

Excluded from the new restrictions are US citizens, legal permanent residents and non-citizens who are citizens or spouses of permanent residents.

Dr. Megan Rane, professor of emergency medicine at the Brown University and associate dean of public health, said the common vaccine requirements for all flights would be highly effective.

“Or go to isolation when people from other countries come to the United States. Both of those things are not currently politically desirable, but they will make a huge difference in spreading that alternative,” Rane told CNN reporter Jim Agosta on Friday. .

CNN’s Jacqueline Howard, Virginia Langmaid, Michael Needleman, Frederic Blitgen and CNN’s Guidlen Collins contributed to the report.

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