Expert discussion on the consequences of midterm elections in the United States

On Tuesday 29 November, the Foreign Affairs Committee will debate the implications of the midterm election results in the United States for the Netherlands and the European Union. MPs talk to various experts. The meeting can be followed via live stream and Debate Direct app from 5.30 pm onwards.


Americans go to the polls on November 8th for the midterm elections. These elections for the House of Representatives, part of the Senate, and part of the governorships are important to political relations in the United States. Before the election, Democrats had a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and now the Republican Party has become the largest in the House of Representatives. The consequences of the results for the Netherlands and the EU will be discussed at this expert meeting. The language of conversation is English.


  • Paul Van Hooft, Senior Strategy Analyst, HCSS and Chair of the HCSS Initiative.
  • Roberta Haar is Professor of Foreign Policy Analysis and Transatlantic Relations at Maastricht University
  • Job Verhool is Professor by Special Appointment of Transatlantic Relations at Radboud University

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You can use Related Fragments to see Discussion can continue from 5.30 pm onwards Live stream of the House of Representatives.

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