Expedition Robinson: All-Stars Has a Winner (Expected)

Expedition Robinson: All-Stars Has a Winner (Expected)

According to the rest of the nominees, Niels has been the clear winner of ‘Expedition Robinson: All Stars’ from day one, Dominic is still at his best after 21 days and Ferry – who has learned to keep his head calm during this version – appears to be a true puzzle king. But who is the absolute Robinson?

Attention: This article contains spoilers about an epilogue Expedition Robinson: All-Stars.

“Expedition Robinson for my name, sounds like a childhood dream come true”

21 days ago, they began the final battle of the Titans: 18 former nominees reached the final, or semi-final in one of the past 23 seasons. Expedition Robinson It arrived. Hardliners and people who know how to survive and can withstand the harsh life of a desert island venture once again and it soon becomes clear: this expedition is a showdown between the heavyweights.

Ferry, Niles and Dominic eventually made it to the final. Nils’ success in obtaining a place came as no surprise to anyone. He spent half his time on Winners Island. So he is excited about winning: “I tried a very nice adventure, made new friends, and also won a lot. It was really great. The finish line is very close, which gives me a lot of energy to finish the last one. Push. Now I want to win it too.”

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For Ferry, a place in the final is still unrealistic. Says: “Mission It’s kind of a rollercoaster of hunger and rain – we’ve had days where it rains for two or three hours and you’re in your poncho – you get up at night because the rain won’t stop. Also, of course, a beautiful sun. making new friends; You have good and intense conversations with each other. Share your joy and sadness. You also fart at each other, these are true friends and family.”

Expedition Robinson It is an adventure and to get to experience this twice is indescribable and very privileged. I feel like a special person.”

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Dominic is especially proud of herself as she reached the final as an unknown Dutchman for the second time. “I am very happy that I was able to experience everything again. And once again sitting in a beautiful place with the most crazy It says “taste it”. Really, I enjoyed it. I really had a great experience. The best and most beautiful adventure I have ever had in my life, and I have been able to do it twice.”

Beautiful words, but they sound differently during the final. It’s lead, but it’s really heavy.

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The goal of the final match is to use a crossbow to make three Robinsonletter or symbol. Participants do this using the arrows they find in the course they are following. But where it usually remains exciting until the last minute he wins, it’s immediately clear this season that Nils can call himself a winner. He has a crossbow in the house and thus hits all three arrows at once.

“One Expedition RobinsonMy name’s nickname, sounds like a childhood dream come true,” he says happily after winning. I’m really happy, so excited and so proud of myself, I can really be that right now. I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend and son.”

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